We read that “science does all this by rejecting antirealism. In fact, the self does exist,” a Şerife Tekin writes on AEON. First off,  the argument is not a philosophic one, but I understand that also those philosophers want to share their own opinion on basically everything. You can find it here: Self-evident .

The title of the writing is pretty hilarious for what aims to be an opinion on such a fundamental matter. She names her article “Self-evident”, contrary to the (NOT) recent opinion on what the self is, not, if it exist, as she writes. To her there is “such a thing as the self, and it is empirically (?) amenable to scientific investigation”, typical liberal prig and moralist way of speech.

Not a study, no culture. To explain her doctrine.

The second point is that what the author writes is dangerous, the mirror of the lack of basic culture, which today invades people, all educated to the single thought. I believe it had never happened before in history. She’s basically annoyed, why quoting Daniel Dennett, or Antonio Damasio, the neuroscientist whose not even mentioned, but the one who first studied, using the scientific method, the fundamental theory that revolutionized the concept of the self?  From him (Damasio), the scientific community started countless works. Which are naturally much more complex, and therefore more understandable, when they became books, or simply articles. She mentions David Hume! Wow, she must be a professor! It’s impossible to get why… read for yourself, she thinks she can. Was she bored when writing “Self Evident.” I can only hope that few will read the writing by Şerife Tekin, and that many will want, at least, go deeper.

I pray for the young persons who would like to learn but, instead, are initiated to presumption, the steel chain in which the academic community wants to tight them up. Hypocrisy has brought very serious problems, but I am trustworthy. young minds are better.



2 thoughts on “An assistant professor of philosophy is so wrong, it’s embarrassing

    1. Thanks for the reply! I see persons with academic degree with a shocking lack of knowledge. I know that in the US it’s the same. But I believe for Europe it’s different. If we also lose our culture, the continent dies. This is the reason why I still have hope for a change, men exist as a result of birth, it means he will survive to everything.


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